Saturday, October 31, 2009


First off, I'm so embarrassed I talked like this. I had no idea I had this "mommy voice," and I always make fun of my mom for doing that. I just can't believe how much LJ has changed, but that lip still puckers when he's sad. This is hilarious!!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hanging with some of my faves!!

Today turned out to be EXCELLENT!!!!! I woke up not so great. Around this time in my last pregnancy, I wasn't doing so hot at all. I've been sick now since the beginning of July and I have a hard time understanding why I have to feel this bad all the time. Last time I was pregnant with LJ, I was working for a dentist with 2 other amazing hygienists, Emmie and Sadie. They were my rocks. Every day when I showed up to work with red, swollen eyes, they would help me tough it out, or give me ideas on what will help, or even find me passed out in the bathroom feeding me cottage cheese. Well, this time I don't have them. I don't work there anymore and so things have been a bit rougher. When I'm home with LJ, I just have him to talk to and since his vocabularly is limited to "cheese," "ball," "pig," "cow," and "up," I've had a tough time getting through some of these rougher days.

I woke up this morning to an amazing phone call- Emmie and Sadie's boss called the day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A full morning with them and the kids- it was God looking after me for sure!!! Emmie had a boy, Tye, Jan. 6, 2008 and Sadie had Audrey Jan. 18, 2008. We were all pregnant working together and it was something I'll never forget!!! We went to Old Park in Greenwood today from 10-12:30. It was perfect. LJ has a hard time playing with other kids because he's so used to playing by himself, but Tye and Audrey were so sweet with him and it turned out wonderful. We finished up our playdate with Mrs. Curl!!!!!!!! It was extremely good timing because it closes for the season next week.

Oh how I miss these girls. God put them in my life at the most perfect time and for some reason, he has kept them in my life through our busy, hectic lives.
Emmie, Sadie: I'm forever grateful for what you both have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have been my angels. Love you both!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Next week LJ will be a UPS man for Halloween. It'll be a bit different this year. I'll be taking my little one house to house versus dressing up, bar hopping, and attempting to win costume contest after costume contest, which I did at Howl at the Moon when Joey and I were first dating ($100 baby!). All of my girlfriends will be at their annual Halloween Bash in Broad Ripple, and we'll probably be asleep by 9pm. It's funny how things change. I'm pumped to walk around with LJ, but I will miss the cleverness of my friends' costumes. My brother always has a knack for a creative costumes too- ex. Jonny from the Karate Kid. I wanted to dress up so bad this year, but I didn't think my bikini lady t-shirt or my Jon and Kate +8 outfits would be appropriate for our family festivities. Oh, another good outfit I usually do is an FFA member. This weekend is the big Future Farmers of America weekend in Indy- now that outfit was always a hit!!! Speaking of FFA, did you know they bring in 25 million to our city in one weekend? That's amazing. They did have a pretty horrible event happen this year- a member fell 3 stories off of an escalator in our downtown mall. He'll definitely be in our thoughts and prayers this week, along with all of those bar hoppin', costume sportin', drinky drinkin' people out there.

Don't you love that hand diggin' in the Goldfish bag?? Such a man!
We haven't quite finished our pumpkin.... hopefully more pics to come!

Oops these pics got reversed. Sorry.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Funny pics I stumbled across.

It's weird how much I have already forgot about LJ's first 17 months of life. There are so many changes and hurdles, yet so much laughing and exploring. I'm at my mom's house. She watched LJ for a few so I could go pick up a few things that are impossible to do with a newly walking toddler. I stumbled across these pics on her desktop. Just check out this pics from last year. I'm so happy LJ has cousins to grow up with.

Not much as changed with the Sloanster. When her and LJ are together she likes to follow him and say "Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey." It's sooooo cute, and they are actually really really good together. Although Slaonie did teach LJ how to jump on the couch this week.
These are from Spring Break last March. This March we will be
having another baby- man, how things change so quickly around here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

This could be you or your child.

We were there in June. H1N1 is real, and it's everywhere right now. Please consider getting the vaccine, especially for your children. I truly feel we almost lost Little Joey. Do whatever you have to do to help prevent this. Get vaccinated. Stay home. Wash your hands, especially before and after meals. Don't put your hands in your mouth. Change clothes when you get home. Wash your ties and suits that rarely get washed. Do whatever you have to do. This virus is very scary, and many have already died.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Discovering the camera

LJ loooooves the camera!!! When we pull it out, all we hear is "cheese!!" These are his first practice shots of himself and discovering he can see him on the camera when it's done. Isn't it sad he won't know what it's like to wait to see his pics and actually have to go to the store to get his pictures developed???

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The "W" word


OK, so I was thrilled that fall came, however, where is it going?!!!!! It's in the mid-40's when we wake up at 7:15AM IN THE PITCH DARK!!!!!!!! GEEEZE LOUISE!!! LJ is getting extremely interactive, and it makes me laugh several times a day. He's such a little smarty pants! In the morning we have a routine where he drinks his Soy milk and we play around the kitchen/living room till 8am while switching back from The Today Show to Blue's Clues. At about 8:30, we have been typically going on our 2 mile walk around the neighborhood where we spot dogs, planes, trees, eat our strawberrries, blueberries and cheerios, and see our same 5 neighbors that take a morning walk too. Well, this walk is getting earlier and earlier because LJ brings me my shoes, then brings me his, and then brings me his hat as he's saying over and over again, "Shoes, shoes, hat, hat!" Then I quickly get my peanut butter bagel down (before I throw up from nauseau) and repeatedly tell LJ "Mommy has to drink her coffee before we go on a walk." Well all he gets from that sentence is "walk," and runs to the door trying to open it. When he can't and I don't come over there, he throws himself down on the ground heartbroken. So I cave and we go on a walk. Well today we went at 7:45am and I froooooozzzzzzzzzzzzeeee my patooty off!! What am I going to do this winter??? Mall walk?? REALLLY!!!!!! I thought this picture was adorable. LJ is looking more and more like a Matis, and it's soooo cute!

Here is a few of my pics from Apple Works. I think we're going to head to Kelsay Farms this week or next. We have to see the COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWSSSS!
Oh fall, please don't leave me!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apple Works it is!

Last week, my pledge sister, Carrie, and I took LJ to Apple Works in Trafalgar, IN. It was a great time!!! They had farm animals, hay stacks, train rides, huge slides, pony rides, cider slushies, rocks to throw, bridges to walk on, and people to see!!

LJ is becoming more and more like a little boy every day. I feel like we're getting closer to incorporating him into our schedule versus always doing what's best for his schedule. For example, we wanted to go tailgating at IU yesterday, so we did. I didn't hold back because it was in the mid 50's, I didn't hold back because of the 90 minute drive, and I didn't hold back because I was worried about him being intimidated by all the people or run off into huge crowds while I'm trying to talk to some friends. LJ did great and he's becoming more and more adaptable.
We'll be going to the pumpkin patch for the first time this week!! We have a big pumpkin carving party at Tracy and Jeff Jourdan's this weekened-- the greatest part about the party is it starts at 4:30 and is kid friendly!!!!!! YAY for not having to find a baby sitter!!!