Monday, September 29, 2008

Random pics

Grandma and Grandpa Matis at Grandma's birthday.Little man pooped out. I don't know why I say little-
he weighed 20 lbs at his four month check up.
At Josh Purvis's wedding in Madison. This is a pic with all of the Hanover baseball guys at the wedding with Heather and Mama Purvis.
And this is LJ's favorite toy!!!

My husband claims...

October is the greatest month of the year! So, I asked him why knowing his birthday is Oct. 23... he said, "The MLB playoffs start Wednesday!" I got a real kick out of that. As much as men drive us crazy because the majority of their free time is spent checking their one of three fantasy teams, trying to watch the Cubbies play every game of their season (there are like 150 games in a season), betting on 4-8 college games on Saturday, and then three NFL games on Sunday... I still love my husband because he finds a way to include me! I have my own fantasy team (I'm ranked 1 of 14), he takes me to at least one Cubs game a season, several IU football and basketball games, takes me to a Colts game by begging one of his fellow season ticket holder friends to let me use a ticket, and best of all, he gives me 40% of all of his winnings when he bets!!! This works out great. I found myself DVRing the White Sox/Tigers game today, rooting for Texas Christian on the weekend, and pulling for a reciever to go down so my running back can score the touchdown on the Cowboys. What a smart man! I thought I was going to be burnt out being trapped my 2 men in the house, but truly, I love it! I do, however, plan on getting together with pledge sisters this weekend- girl time is a definite must!

The picture above is Pop Pop Taylor and LJ in their orange bowling shirts.

Now, for the pictures below. We all have a feeling these pictures are a definite prediction of the future... hehe! LJ is going to have his hands full with Sloanie, but ya know... she's just so darn cute!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The top picture is of LJ's Godfather, Brian Egan. He's still in Portland doing his anesthesia residency- boy, we miss him!! I also posted a pic of LJ holding his own bottle for the first time, and LJ after eating baby food for the first time. The Doc recommends trying a food for 3 days straight, therefore, you 'll know if the baby has any food allergies. We started with green beans, which I made. He liked it, but we then switched over to squash. He loves Squash!!!!! He cries and gets so upset when the squash is gone- it's so adorable. We have our 4 month shots next week with weigh ins... Nana Taylor is betting he weights at least 21 lbs-- whoa!! I'll let you know.

Beau still has the bong from college- what, what!

We decided to have a small get together at my parent's house before they left for Italy Sept. 2. It turned into a bonging fest- boy, I miss those days, hehe! My folks went to Italy for 2 weeks. Since Grandpa Taylor had his knees replaced, he felt it was time to see the sights across the big pond. It was fun to kick back Spring Break style. Can't wait for Spring Break '09!! And yes, I still have Spring Break!

LJ and I tailgating for the Colts/Bears game- he was such a trooper!

Family time!

This is my Great Uncle Dog, ya know, that guy who thinks he's funny on Q95. Everyone says I look like him, but really, I just think it's because he's bald.
These are my cousins- techinally, they are my cousins once removed and my Great Aunt Cathy. I've had a great time over at their house. Once we all stayed up till midnight, then went to Waffle and Steak. MMMMMmmmm, that place was yummy. Mommy and Daddy have been raving about it to me for the longest time.Apparently, there is something wrong with the way I sleep...
I think I'm a pretty good combination of my parents. What do you think?

My new friend (my only friend), Sloane.

These pics are about a month old. I need to upload the pics off my camera. I have been getting some complaints about the lack of posts... well, ya know, this motherhood thing is awfully time consuming, hehe! Anyways, Sloanie and LJ have become quite the pair. Learning to share

This is at Pipers for Mom's birthday.