Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boating and Babysitting

When we were in New Buffalo, Michigan we were able to meet up with my pledge sister (roommate) from Pi Phi. She has 3 kids that are all about 2 months apart from mine. They have a place there too AND A BOAT!!! We had a blast with them! The boys have been begging to go back and jump off the boat since and we can't wait!

 This pic was right at dinner time where we all starting having little meltdowns. Hard to believe we each have 3, Tayte.

Here's a pic of our fab babysitter.
She saved me this summer and I feel so blessed God put her in our life.

New Buff

 We went to New Buffalo, Michigan the last week of July for 8 days with a ton of the Matis fam. My in-laws recently bought a place across from The Stray Dog that sleeps 20. It's amazing and has a perfect set up for multiple families. I always get a ton of anxiety about vacations, especially when I'm the only one with little kids and we are on such a different schedule than any of the family, however, this by far was one of the best family vacations ever!!! It's a perfect place to vacation in summer because you honestly feel like you are in Florida, however, a 3 hour drive is sooo much easier. Everything is walking distance, and we only got in the car one time to go to the go-kart track. I just uploaded a ton of pics from the week, but I obviously still don't have much time to write, so here it is.
 Joey adores the Matis cousins, and they play with him and Ray as if they are best friends. Waking up to them every day made mornings so much smoother.
Playground on the beach, yes!! Wiffle ball games in the pool, yes!
The condos also have mini golf, bocce ball and shuffle board. Of course we drew names for partners and had an "Olympic" tournament.

 Louie did well for the most part. She was extremely flexible and took naps where we were.... now why didn't I do this with my first two????

Ray loved the beach in Florida, but absolutely would not let his feet touch the sand.... and this didn't change the entire trip. Is this a 2 year old texture thing?? It was so strange.... and annoying. But, kids will be kids. Joey lovd the lake. He immediately put on his goggles and was going under like a fish. He's come a long way this summer with swimming. Joey can dive off the side and swim under water the entire width of the pool, and Ray Ray is a maniac off the diving board.

 Mama and Lou Lou.... still working on trying to find some resemblence.
 Finally, a family pic. I wanted to find a place to take our family pic and continue to take it at the same place every year.
 Games, games and more games. There isn't much down time with the Matis'. Unlike my family who chooses to take a bunch of naps and lay around, the Matis' are constantly playing games and enjoying friendly competition. Never a dull moment.
 Of course, I had to paint Louie's nails Beyonce style. Aunt Katie helped me with this one. Adorable!
 My wonderful hubby who helps me get through every day. He was a champ on vacation.... staying up late with the crazy fam and getting up early with the kids. I don't know how he goes on such little sleep. Amazes me.
 Cousin Willie always has to have his hands on the baby. He doesn't have kids of his own yet, but I knew he was going to be so helpful with the kids when he was 20 years old and holding Joey for the first time and he asks, "Where's the burp cloth?" What 20 year old asks that?? Louie loooves him!
 And.... Ray Ray.... oh Ray Ray. Constantly making us laugh. Although he usually is being a stinker, he has the most adorable grin that melts your heart. He loved all the attention and soaked up letting every hold him while watching the Olympics.
 Poor Sammy. He couldn't escape Ray. If Sammy was anywhere close to Ray, all you heard was "Sammy, Sammy, SAMMY!!!" Such a trooper.
 Late night games at the ginourmous Matis table were a hit. Really... don't think there is a table much sweeter than that.
 Oh Lou Lou!
 Louie swam for the first time. She wasn't so sure about it, but did great.
 Games, obvi.

It was a wonderful week, and I can't wait to go back. I'm thinking Fall Break?????