Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December, the whole month

The day after we got back from Florida, Joey had his Christmas program at school. Uncle Liam babysat by himself for the first time so Joey and I could enjoy the pageant. Melted my heart.

 There wasn't much we didn't do during December. From the Children's Museum, live Nativity scenes, Christmas lights, Eitlejorg, mailing letters to Santa, visiting 5 Santas 15 times and taking 7 pics, watching Santa come in off a helicopter, Breakfast with Santa at the old LS Ayers Tea Room, pretending to be Santa, crawling through the neighborhood snow tunnels, train rides, exchanging gifts,working the Salvation Army kettle, baking, wrapping and Christmas parties galore. The month was amazing, but the actual day of Christmas is just too overwhelming for me. We were so sad to put our Christmas decorations today.

 My carb man at his school Christmas party. After prayer, the teacher said they could go grab a plate and Ray darted toward the plate of crackers and took them all. Ray is now loving school, and he gets to start carpool in January which will take a huge weight off my shoulders.

 Our favorite gift was the Easy Bake oven, and the weekend after he received it they came out with the unisex Easy Bake oven. Of course.
 This week Joey asked if he could marry Sloane. He absolutely adores his cousin, and she just can't do wrong in his eyes. I was able to explain to him how you can marry relatives, so now he's after a girl from school named Maria.

 Polar Express Train Ride with Leo. This is definitely one of their favorite activities.

 We hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater party with some fam this year on the big 22, which is the Matis family number.

Cousin Willie clownin' with Ray Ray.
 We gave Ray an overgrown mohawk over break. I think he sported it well.
Christmas morning couldn't have been any sweeter.

Love the little family. So tired, but sad it's over. The last part of day consisted of asking when the Easter Bunny will get to the mall about 50 times. Here we go.

Florida in December

Obviously, we had a blast. Traveling with 3 kids is tough, but I'd do it every month to see the beach.
Love the straight through flight though.