Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy birthday Sweet Baby Ray!


Today you are a year old, and my eyes swell up with tears thinking about how much you have meant to me from the day you were conceived. We prayed for a healthy baby boy and God gave us just that. You gave me the easiest pregnancy and the quickest labor- 2 hours after we got the hospital.

When you were born you had beautiful auburn hair and baby blue eyes. Since you have had 3 sets of hair come in, but have maintained your eye color from your Mama! You have been unbelievably readable. You have followed a schedule since you were born and have been sleeping through the night since you were 6 weeks old. You love playing in your crib and you have never woken up unhappy (but maybe a few times from teething). You have the loudest scream I've ever heard but it makes me beam when you and Joey have scream offs thinking about all of the fun times ahead for you and your brother.

You are absolutely polar opposite of LJ!!! I love that you two have completely develeped into your own and still own my entire heart. You have never met a stranger, and many of my friends call you "Smiles." Since the day you were born I can honestly say I could drop you off anywhere and you wouldn't miss a beat.

Even the sweet old Asian lady (who can't speak a lick of English) at the Farmer's Market completely agrees with me that you might be the happiest baby alive! After seeing her at all of the local markets this summer, we grew to recognize this lady. We went a few months without seeing her and she spotted us in the mall. She motioned for her group of 8 to come over and see Ray Ray because "he is the happiest baby I've ever seen."

Ray Ray- I know God molded you. I know you are going to be the most laid back easy going kid to raise. I know you are going to make so many people happy as you cross their paths through the years. I pray for you every morning and every night. I pray that God helps me raise you to be ther very best you can be. Today I couldn't be happier and couldn't feel more lucky to have you be my son.

You are a sweet baby, and I can't wait for you to grow big and strong and turn into our Big Play Ray!

Happy birthday Raymond Eli! I love you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy Boys!!

Having 2 boys is a joy!! They are starting to play together, which brings a huge smile to my face-- even if they games are scream offs or chase (crawling style). We loooove jumping in our cribs! We officially love school. We started carpool which has really helped. We have a number in our car window (lucky number 7) so the teachers know which kid it is and bring them out. Ray and I don't have to get out of the car. It's awesome! This is Joey's typical school outfit. He requests his letter jacket with jeans for school days.

We went to Ft Myers for a week with my folks and had a ball. February is such a great time to see the beach. We swam 3-4 hours a day and soaked up the sun on the beach. LJ was soooo into the flight. The pilot even let him take the plane for a spin.

Ray has 6 teeth now- 2 on top and 4 on bottom. He had his first ear infection before we left, and I'm a proud Mama to say it was the first time on an antibiotic. It's amazing how 2 kids can be sooo different.

Trying to get a family pic- hahahhaha!

This is what we went to bed to at night.... need I say more.

Books with Grandpa every night was a must. Thanks Pop Pop!

Baby blue learned how to sit in a high chair finally..... thank goodness!

I want to go back.