Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Baby has dropped!!

I just woke up from a nap, hence the crazy puffy hair. I guess at this stage of pregnancy I started to give up on trying to look cute, hah! Nice swollen face, Leah :)

2 Words: Pitting Edema

You are probably more familiar with the term "swollen ankles," but "pitting edema" is what the doctor referred to when he saw my swollen cankles filled with fluid, scary huh? I guess this is normal toward the end, but man, I had no idea my thumb print with stay for 6 minutes on my ankle! Gross!

Hangin' with the girls from the Wood

The above pic is a group of all of my closest friends from high school. As you can see, I'm the third who is having a baby boy!! Dylan, on the left, is Marcy Mayhew's 4 year old. Acen, on the right, is Aimee Jones' 9 month old. It was so fun to have them at the shower!! The pic below is of Tiffy, one of my greatest friends, who came home from LA to throw us this baby shower. She'll be Little Joey's God Mother.
Britto and I Nanna and I
It's so nice to still be good friends with all of my girls from high school. The shower was a blast. We had Pizza King (my favorite pizza) and a chocolate fountain, which I made 4 trips to. I'm not too sure this yellow dress flatters me much, but I only fit into about 5 tops right now- ha!! I can't wait to start working out again!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Into our 36th Week... like Whoa!

This picture is after a long week at work- still working Mon-Thurs!! Today, the most unbelievable thing happened. I was working away cleaning this nice man's teeth (new patient to our practice) when all of a sudden Little Joey kicked his arm through my belly!! My patient had never felt a baby kick before and was so excited. Little Joey continued to kick him throughout the appointment, and when the nice man left, I apologized for the abuse, hehe! Big Joey is the greatest!! I'd go crazy without him!

Just last week a mama duck decided to lay her nest at the very foot of our doorstep. We now have her sitting there every day on her 11 eggs! We named her Peaches. She's a beautiful duck with gorgeous royal feathers on her sides, and we've been feeding her whole wheat bread (keeping her away from bad carbs) and ducky food from the Tractor Supply Store in Whiteland. It has been so fun checking on her and watching her take care of her baby eggs while I'm pregnant. I'm not exactly certain how much longer she has to go, but I do appreciate her putting my life into perspective- I could NEVER have eleven babies at once and sit on them by myself all day and all night long for weeks!! Animals are a beautiful thing!