Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Month Left

That's right folks. She will be here in a month and her closet looks like this... an absolute wreck. I'm still working on her room with any energy I can mustard up during the boys' naps, however, I'm very happy with the painting. So much of her room has been passed down from family. The flowers are from my wedding, vintage lamps from my Great Aunt Aileen, 3 foot daisies from college friends, my old bedroom furniture set, Ray Ray's portacrib, curtains from the previous home owners, and chairs from Grandma. The room is filled with a lucky blue bird, gerber daisies (my fave), lady bugs (which have followed me my entire life, and butterflies that my mother has been obsessed with and is about to buy a 100+ filled displayed of butterflies from around the world. There is a lot of meaning in this room and I feel so much peace and love from the women in my family when I sit in here.

Her name will be Louisa LaVon, and we plan on calling her Louie. We wanted a Louie boy or girl, and my dad's mom's name happens to be Louise and my mom's mom's name is LaVon, which I also happen to be Leah LaVon. From the 4-D ultrasound, I already see some resemblence, but I can't wait to see this sweet baby girl's face in the next month. Oh, you may be able to see the cloudy wording at the top of the room. It says "Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl named Louisa LaVon..."

I had my 34+ week check up today. My blood pressure finally went down and my labs finally came back normal. At my last appointment, I was showing beginning stages of preeclampsia, so we have been worried I was going to be put on bedrest. With a lot of prayers, I think I have snuck by a few more weeks. Now I'm praying for a healthy delivery, healthy baby and trying to avoid Ray's birthday, Feb. 27 and leap year.... did you know the BMV doesn't even recognize a leap year birthday?? Ridiculous!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Fam Update

Me: I'm 33 weeks pregnant, 30 lbs heavier, preeclamptic and miserable. I started swelling last week and I'm so tired I can barely function. Joey and Ray keep me hoppin' but I try to get as much down time as possible. The baby's room is done and pictures will be posted at the next posting, along with the announcement of her name. I'm still working 2 days a week and I can't wait to clean out my closet and get rid of all of my maternity clothes. I continue to pray for a healthy baby and smooth transition with the family. Most importantly I can't wait to get to the hosptial- 2 nights of perfect sleep and the food is amazing!!

Big Joey: Well, he's had a lot going on. His team recently resigned from Bank of America and are now working for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney about 10 floors down in the Chase tower. His father, his father's best friend and Joey make up the only 401K team for Morgan Stanley in Indiana and are pumped for the service Morgan Stanley has to offer their clients. As scary as it is to be switching jobs right now, Joey feels really good about the transition and his clients are excited too! Joey has been my angel this pregnancy- he is definitely Dad of the Year! He lets me sleep in every day and takes all of the work off of my shoulders at night, including the toilets and mopping. He is amazing and I'm soooo lucky!!

Little Joey: LJ has turned into a big boy over night. He finally transitioned into a big boy bed and hasn't missed a beat. He loves school and the teacher says he is a joy to have in class. Most of his day consists of playing with trains, acting like Buzz Light Year, painting or playing on the 6 foot basketball goal in our garage. He doesn't stop talking about the baby and shows every person that walks through the door the new baby's room.

Ray Ray: Oh goodness, Ray Ray!! He has thrown me through the hoopty this past month. He is stubborn, crazy and into everything. He can be sweet, but usually chooses to make me play the guessing game for anything he wants. He still never gets up at night so I do feel blessed. We finally took him off the bottle, but still hasn't had milk in a sippy cup. His diet consists of cereal and cereal bars. He is the Junk Food King! He will be 2 next month and we are having a Yo Gabba Gabba party after hosting an all family CPR class. I pray he starts to have a better diet and doesn't gouge the baby's eyes out.

I have a few weeks to get everything in order for the baby and I'm trying to get my 2010-2011 scrapbook done. Every weekend is crazy and we count down the days for the Super Bowl to be here! I thank the Good Lord every day for our health and safety, and I can't wait to share this little baby girl with you all!