Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh, oh, oh... Lent.

I forgot to inform ya'all about what Big Joey and I are giving up for Lent. AAAH! Get this one!

Leah- no eating after 8pm and no fried foods
Joey- no soda and walking/running 3/week

Oh, and we're planning on getting to church EVERY WEEK-wish us luck!! God help us!

Ash Wednesday, plus a few more

Don't let him fool you. He's had the flu since Monday, well we think. It's definitely a mild one though. He got sick 3 times Monday morn, one time Tuesday night, and a little bit once today... so what do you think? It's either that, or we are starting to run low on breast milk and started using all formula- maybe it's the iron???? Who knows! It's always a guessing game. ANYWAYS, he did great at church today and we had fun sitting 8 deep at Holy Name!He doesn't look sick, does he??
Little Man chillin' in his big boy car seat.
OH MY GOSH!!! Isn't Jake Irwin the cutest thing?? His eyes are just so sweet! We had a great time Saturday at their house. The boys are 3 days apart, and they'll be growing up in the same school system. We definitely got them on video tape! Can't wait to play that one at their graduation open house.

Did I forget to mention we're big IU fans?

9 Month Check Up

Well, 3 months to go before we hit ONE YEAR!! Wow. At Joey's 9 month check up, he was 30 1/2 inches long (95%), 26 1/2 lbs (off the chart), and 19 inches in head (off the chart-eek). We all knew he inherited the Meek head, but "off the chart," geeze. We already had a CT scan though so we know all is well in LJ's big head :) He seems to be hitting all of the milestones. Although he was 9 months on Feb. 13th, it's a great thing we didn't go to the MD till the 23rd. This past weekend he started pulling up on EVERYTHING, saying "Ba Ba", and he's becoming quite the speed crawler!! I think our playdate with lil' Jakey Irwin last weekend really helped our motor skills.

Big Joey and I have been really loving life, as hard as it can get dealing with the ups and downs of everyday hurdles. Joey's job seems to be going well, and my work has been really steady. I start covering a back to back maternity leave at my Uncle's dental office next week. I'll work Monday and Tuesday (7 hours each with no lunch). I really love working there, so no complaints.

We went to church today for Ash Wednesday and it was also the dedication mass for Joey's Uncle Bob who passed away a few years ago. As soon as I find our USB cord that lil' Joey hid, I'll be sure to post that pic. LJ was cracking everyone up at church. He seems to be quite the flirt with the "older" ladies. He now has his two top and two bottom teeth in, and I think he's getting his laterals, which is also know as teeth E,G, N, and Q, or should I just say the 2 teeth on the sides of the big ones, hehe! Just to share some dental knowledge with the rest of the world.... kids have 20 teeth, A-J on top and K-T on bottom. They usually have all of those in by age 3. At around age 5 they'll start losing them. Adults typically have 28-32 teeth, depending on their wisdom teeth. The 1st wisdom tooth on the upper right being 1 and then going down to the lower left being 17. Get it?? Most kids have all of their teeth in around age 12. I typically explain this about 2-3 times a day to parents at the dental office, so maybe I just helped you out.

Lastly, we are finally taking LJ on his first airplane ride in April. We're going to Ft. Myers with my sister, Jason, Sloane, and my parents. We'll stay at my parent's condo. Any tips on traveling with the babe?? Any recomendations on beach attire, sunscreen, life jacket, etc? I'm a bit nervous- eek!!

Well, I need to get ready to leave for work- working 1:30-5pm today- rough life huh??

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changes, changes, changes...

Well, when LJ was born his eyes were blue.
Now they are turning greyish with a hint of green.
What do you think?When LJ was born he didn't have any hair... well, he still doesn't.
When does the hair start coming in???
Since the Little Man can crawl now, we bought him a tunnel. He loves it!! I can get a few minutes on the treadmill, while he goes back and forth in the tunnel. What a perfect invention!

Holy cow, look at that leg!!!!!

We are becoming very mobile. LJ can now go from a crawling position to sitting up to back to crawling. He can't maneuver on his train, but he loves when we push him. He's starting to pull up on everything. It's a good thing we lowered his crib last week.

Last week (on V-day) we went to the Roncalli Girls' Sectional game, which they won!!!!
They have regionals today against Rushville.
I thought this pic was pretty cute. Little Man did a pretty good job at the game.
It definitely takes some getting used to the whistles and loud fans though.

Oh, did I mention we are getting our top two teeth in. We have cut one, but still waiting PATIENTLY on the other.
Uncle Dog gave us the idea to use celery for LJ to chomp on while teething.
What a genius!

P.S. Have you been keeping up with The Bachelor? My pledge sister is in the finals. There are only 2 weeks left. Apparently there is some drama if you read any of the celebrity blogs, such as Reality Steve's blog. However, we all have been communicating with Molly and she seems very happy with whatever happens. She keeps reminding us how everything has worked out for the best. I guess we'll have to wait and see..... but I CAN'T WAIT!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb. 25

Lent is in 2 weeks. What are you giving up?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Did I mention the lil' man started crawling Feb. 1? It was the laptop. He crawled all the way across the room to the laptop like he's known how to do it for months. It has given him so much freedom- we are lovin' it!

Some of our favorite things...

I think it was last Wednesday... ya know... where the snow kept falling all day long. Well, I was supposed to work; however, I couldn't go. You see... we live in Marion County just past County Line Road. In Marion County, shoveling our streets is a little different than in good'ol Johnson County.... they don't. It takes FOREVER for someone to get to our neighborhood and when they do they shovel all the snow up to our driveways so the snow is seriously hip high. They also shovel our front yards so when the snow melts our nice landscape is scattered along the sidewalk. Anyways, I'll get to my point. They shoveled me in and I couldn't get out, so lil' Joey and I had a snow day. Just knowing we couldn't leave all day started giving me cabin fever. We decided to start snapping pictures of some of our favorite things in our home. It was fun- it actually was a lot of fun!! Last year Joey, Matt and I had a decathalon. This year we have a photo shoot- it's all good.
Wheel of Fortune is on a 7pm. LJ loves it. This is about the time he starts getting fussy, but we like to hold him off till about 7:30/8pm before he goes to bed. Thank God for Wheel of Fortune. It gets us through the 7 o'clock hour.
If you have a baby and you don't have a Jumperoo, you are missing out. It's the most wonderful thing EVER!!!! Little Joey absolutely cannot be in a bad mood in the Jumperoo. It gives him freedom and independence, and he especially loves it when someone jumps with him.

OH- the swing! I think Big Joey asks me about every other week, "Can we get rid of that swing? It takes up so much room." I then say, "Nah, not yet." Then about 2 days later we'll have a little baby who is teething or has a cold and about an hour of us all being up all night, we throw the lil' man into the swing, turn on the monitor and he passes out. This way he gets to sit upright and has constant motion. We rarely do this, but I definitely think the swing has a few more miles in it.

This fabulous tent Aunt Brooke, Uncle Jason and Sloane gave to LJ for Christmas!! HE LOVES IT!!! We put Chuck E. Cheese balls in it with a sleeping bag and it's LJ's little sanctuary.

The aquarium. AAAAA!!! My Aunt Lorianne highly reccomended this and this one is actually hers. The hand-me-down is getting put to great use!! It's the perfect calmer downer, stays on for 10-15 minutes, and LJ has finally figured out how to turn it on himself. It's adorable when he tries to play with the fish in the morn.

I think I have a new obsession with baskets. They are all over the house. My mother-in-law, Connie, got us these amazing baskets for Christmas. They look great and it makes me feel like the house is somewhat orderly with the thousands of toys that are always lingering.

Is it called white noise? I don't care what it's called, but having a fan in the lil man's room is a must. We live in a 3 bedroom ranch and there is only a thin wall separating the frig and the crib. This lil' fan (that was onced used in the dorms and sorority house at IU) lets us have a life while the lil' man is sleeping. As soon as we turned on the fan and turned out the night light, the lil' man started sleeping through the night.

I never thought they really worked, but when the lil' man has a cold this vaporizer seems to really keep him less congested throughout the night. Maybe it does work, maybe it doesn't... however, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside knowing that I have tried everything I could to help him sleep better at night :)

You see that little spy camera above the crib. Ya, the little one. Well it's hooked up to our video monitor. What a SWEET invention. We have a perfect view through our video monitor even though it's pitch black in the lil' man's room. This saves us sooooooooooooooooo many trips to his room at night. When we hear a strange noise, we just click on the monitor, and there he is. I am dreading the day he figures out what it is though and he looks into saying "Mama." Although it was a little expensive, it is soooo worth it!