Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2 Weeks

I only had 2 weeks to recover from Ray's party. I have no idea how my mother-in-law did it. All three of her kids were born in October. All one week apart. My poor husband was last, and I can see how she was too tired to throw him the same birthday as the first. Little Joey keeps asking me why he can't have his birthday when he is the oldest. So cute, but I really hope I'm not too exhausted by then to give him a good one. Well... Ray Ray got his "big red car" for his birthday, just like The Wiggles. Since the weather has been so crummy, we go around and around in the garage. I'm sure we have screwed up our garage door by now.

 We had to put Ray through detox again after Valentine's Day and his birthday. This kid can down sugar like it's nothing, which is totally opposite of little Joey.
 I had to post this pic of Joey. Look at that belly!! 53 lbs and doesn't like sweets that much. Genetics blow me away.
 Lou Lou wasn't too sure about her birthday party. Two days before her party, she comes down with a two day fever, her first ear infection and her first antibioitic. The slightest noise would make her cry. the first hour of her party she hung tight to me and her pacifier.
The cousins enjoyed each other though.

 Sweet baby liked her balloons.
And her Nannie.
Check out this little princess still trying to celebrate his birthday.
 Below is the beautiful cake our babysitter made for Louisa. How perfect! Louisa has been on a pretty good diet of mainly fruits, veggies and occasional turkey dogs. I'm so scared to have another Ray Ray (terrible eater) that we haven't exposed her to much. However, she looooooved the cake.
 What our parties really look like.....
 then there's the fam.

 We love you Laura, our sweet babysitter!

 Lou Lou has six teeth. Three on top (on one side) and three on bottom (on the other side). She is a complete wild woman! She climbs, bounces and falls off of everything. I'm so devastated that she has already chipped her front tooth. Here comes my hillbilly daughter for the next five years.
How do I even begin to sum my little sweetie up?
She melts all of our hearts. Her smile, her courage, her outfits, her sass.  She entertains us all by just following her around the house, and she is completely bored and fussy without all of us. She is an amazing sleeper and will go with the flow anywhere as long as she's on my hip.
She absolutely fills our hearts. We love you sweet baby Lou Lou!