Friday, February 29, 2008

Shower time!!

So, things have been going quite a bit better. About 2 weeks ago I shook the constant nausea, and now I just get it sporadically. I had been praying for 2 good days and 5 bad days for a long time- I think God finally thought I had paid my dues, ha!
Last week I had my first baby shower. It was an open house at my Aunt Donna's house and both sides of our families stopped in- Joey came too. We had a great time! Tomorrow I have a Pi Phi Shower at Carrie, Laura, and Em's place in Broad Ripple. So many of my pledge sisters are coming in from out of town- we are definitely going to make a night of it! Can't wait! Next Sunday, I have a shower with some of the Matis' friends at Vito's. It is so nice to receive such wonderful gifts for Little Joey. I'll be sure to take a few pics of Joey's new room and post them soon. His room is coming along quite well with the help of our mothers-thanks!! Lastly, I decided to post a few pics... my cousin, Brian Meek and his wife, Brooke Meek, had twins late last year. Their names are Finley and Parker, and they are the cutest. She brought Finley to the shower last weekend and she was a hit!! I have learned so much from Brooke- she really is an amazing mother. She always has the best baby tips and knows where to find the best baby deals. I'll be sure to pass them along once I get the swing of things. There is also an adorable pic of Sloane and a pic of my sister, Brooke, and I with our parents- obviously pre-birth for Brooke. What a fun thing to go through with my sister. It's been so fun hearing her stories. You definitely know how to paint a real picture, Brooke! Love you!!

I'm officially 30 weeks along!! I feel the baby doing jumpin' jacks all the time (my dad saw my belly move from across the room), and Lil Joey really seems to like it when I use the dental drill at work--I think he does flips!! I also took my last RCIA class last week. It's hard to believe we have had RCIA every Tuesday since August- but it has been very educational and Father Wilmoth did an amazing job!! I'll be sure to update you with some March events- we have quite a few things going on!! The countdown begins- 75 days left!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!

So, babysitting for my cousins the other week was sooooo worth it! Joey and I had a blast at the Michigan State vs. IU game this past Saturday. Actually, I have been feeling a little better and the whole weekend was great!! On Friday, Joey took me to McCormick and Schmick's for Valentine's Day- we devulged in seafood since it was a Friday during Lent. Joey's lobster weighed 2 lbs and I think it was still crawling when it came out on his plate... or should I say platter.

Saturday we left for B-Town at 6pm. We met up with Kelly Norton, my pledge sister, her boyfriend, Dan, and a ton of other people. Joey got in a little Sink the Biz while I mowed down on a much deserved Stromboli from Nick's. If you have never had one, you're definitely missing out. We got to the game with plenty of time, unlike college days when would be struggle in a bit tipsy about 10 minutes after the game started- oops!! What a game, what a game!! It was so awesome to see the Hoosiers come together, especially after we lost DJ White in the first half. We had amazing seats- 3rd row, on the floor, by the bucket closest to IU's bench. We were on the jumbo tron several times and our parents even found us on TV! Everyone dug my shirt Coach Beasley, my high school bball coach, made for me!! Just found out DJ will be dressing tomorrow for the IU vs PU game... only 2 things to say about that... Hoosier UP!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alright, it's my turn now...

I think it's time to hear from the proud papa. You've been hearing from Leah and how she hasn't been feeling very well. And I will be the first to admit, I would not want to change spots with her for a million dollars....BUT! It hasn't been all peaches and cream being the the husband of the pregnant wife! I am well aware that I am not the first to think this, but when it happens to you, you start to feel for those who have gone through what I am going through.

"Joey, can I have an apple?"

"Joey, can I have some ice cream?"

"Joey, can I have some apples in my ice cream?"

"Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey!"

I know very well that she does not feel very good and that I do. I actually love every second of her being a complete weirdo. There really haven't been too many midnight runs because she feels like something crunchy, chewy and cheesy. But I will be very glad in May for two reasons: a) to have my little boy to play with and b) to have my wife back to play with.

Other than making sure LT is as comfortable and rested as possible, we have been going through RCIA classes together. These classes are at St. Roch church every Tuesday night since August. Basically, the preist that married us and baptized me is teaching us about the Catholic Church. Going through 12 years of Catholic school taught me a lot about the faith, but these classes have been a great review for me, not to mention a huge learning lesson for Leah. We have decided, not that there was much of a decision in my eyes, that our kids would go to Roncalli. I still think it is the greatest place on earth. So Leah, not growing up in the Catholic faith and being a super mom already, wanted to learn as much as possible about the faith that our kids would grow up in. After all of these classes, she will decide if she would want to convert to Catholicism. Either way, I am very proud of her to want to learn more about the faith. I am not sure I would be like that if the roles were reversed.

We are getting down to crunch time now. Just a few more doctors appointments, putting the finishing touches on the Little Man's room (thanks for all the help from our moms!) and taking a few more birthing classes and Lil J Dubs will be here. I know our lives will change forever. Far fewer nights out on the town, not as many late night trips to Waffle and Steak. But I go to bed every night dreaming about that first time I get to hold my son. I'll get to teach him to throw the ball, hit the jumper and say, "Nice butt, Mommy!"

Simply put...I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

True Birth Control...

So Joey and I decided to do my Aunt Lorianne and Uncle Joe a HUGE FAVOR!! They wanted to go to Las Vegas for a few days for a dental conference (so they say). Joey and I were asked to watch the kids (ages 8,7,5, and 2) from Tuesday to Thursday night. This involved showers, bed time routines, dinner, staying the night, getting them ready for school, packing lunches, and still being the cool cousin all at the same time. Although it took me about 35 minutes verses my normal 3 minute drive to get to work in morning- it was all worth it! The kids were excellent and Joey and I had a great time. Due to Joey's cat allergies, my mom decided to help out the second night. We had a blast!!! Lots of ice cream, popcorn, fooseball, and video games. When Joe and Lorianne got home, my Uncle Joe gave us the Michigan State verses IU tickets- 3rd row!!!!!!! Next Saturday we'll be sitting behind the goal- 3rd row! Be sure to look for me wearing a bright red shirt saying "Future Hoosier Inside."

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We have a new family member!

Sloane Taylor May arrived Jan.30 at 7am. She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and has about 2 inches of jet black hair- she's beautiful! The family is home and doing very well. Every time we go to visit the May family, Joey is the baby hog, which is pretty exciting!! I guess you never know how your husband is going to be with the baby, but I have a really good feeling that Joey is going to adjust very quickly. As Mama T, Joey, and I pulled up to Brooke's house, we had to dib who got to hold Sloane first. It is such a fun time for our family. Since our fam is getting a little bigger, my Mom decided we needed 3 full size leather couches in our family room at Mom and Dad's. My Dad wasn't too stoaked about buying another couch and end table, but I think the saying of the year is "Whatever Grandma wants, Grandma gets!"