Thursday, June 12, 2008

LJ got baptized!!!

On June 8th, LJ got baptized at St. Roch by Father Wilmoth. We decided to do this at 3 weeks because our Godmother and Godfather both live on the west coast and both happened to be home this weekend. LJ did great. My whole family came, and Joey's whole family including Dog, Cathy, and the boys came too!! What a crew!!
Brian Egan is the Godfather and Tiffany Layne is the Godmother. We're blessed to have such awesome friends!!

Jospeh the 7th, 8th, and 9th... with different middle names, of course!

What a wonderful day!!

We shall call him "LJ"

So, the name "LJ" has stuck. I think my dad started it. It stands for Little Joey. It just got too complicated trying to distinguish between Joseph T and Joseph V.

Life is good. I turned 24 today. I'll be posting bday pics soon. We went to the Melting Pot- yummy!! LJ is now a little over 4 weeks old and weighed 11 lbs at the doctor's this week- our pediatrition calls my breast milk "super milk." LJ is a growing boy and it's so amazing to see how much he changes everyday. He opens his eyes so much more everyday and they are as blue as can be- it's adorable. He's sleeping alright... that's right, I just said alright. He usually has a four hour segment at first and after that it's between 2 and 3 hours. Therefore, we're up quite a bit at night. I've started to really like ESPN and the morning shows (and I think I've watched every CSI episode by now)- I couldn't believe the morning shows came on at 4:30 am- sweet!! It was hilarious today because I knew Jordan Crawford quit playing for IU before my husband, Joey, did because I heard it at 4 am on ESPN. I couldn't wait till he woke up so I could tell him, hah!

I work for the first time this Saturday. I work for Beau from 8-1. It'll be interesting going back to work, but I have a good feeling Big Joey and LJ will have some good bonding time.

We've had a bunch of fun with the fam. We can't seem to visit enough. It's a lot different having two babies around the Taylor household, but the grandparents love it!! I can't wait until the babes get older and can play together! The fam on my parent's deck.
At Brooke's for her 30th bday with the fam.
Sloane and LJ have the same size feet!!

So much has happened...

Where have I been?? I think I take about 100 pics a day and I have had no time to post any. Here are just a few... Norty, Ryan and Carrie visiting.
The winner of the born on sweeptakes- look LJ is giving her the winnings!
LJ meets his Godmother, Tiffany.