Friday, April 13, 2012

Best Days of Our Lives

Good Morning Baby Louisa!
Life is crazy and I can barely get through a single day,
but yes, these are some of the best days of our lives.

Why? Because we melt when we watch Baby Louisa breathe.
Easter was fun, but exhausting. Getting 3 kids dressed up, church and Easter festivities is for the birds. I decided it was too much for us to handle this year.

But we did see family, which always gives us a happy face.
Above is Katie Matis, who will soon be Katie Smith.
Lots of the Matis fam.
Racing for eggs with cousins.
Uncle Mikey helping his Godson find some eggs.
Crazy, crazy, crazy kids!
Funny, funny story: When LJ came home from preschool last week with a cross with Jesus on it, he hopped into the car and yelled "Hey Mom, look who's stuck on the cross!" Really!
He is at that age where the craziest things come pouring out of his mouth all day long...
I think I'm loving his age more and more every day.
Trying to get a grandkid pic with Nannie was impossible.
Props to Sloanie who did a pretty good job holding Leo up though.
Easter may be Ray's 2nd favorite holiday with Halloween the 1st. CHOCOLATE!
Ray Ray has turned into a little boy. His verbal skills gets better every day. He can count to 10, do most of ABC's, sing and do a choreographed dance to The Wiggles and loves coloring circles and triangles. He continues to be tough as nails with a sweet, tender soul.
Aunt Donna came to visit bearing some of the cutest dance apparel for baby L.
Some how I managed to get a pic with Grandpa and kids,
but never could get a family pic on Easter.
Pretty impossible.
Pledge sisters, Carrie and Em came to visit and brought sweet baby Elena.
Soooo good to see their sweet faces.
Found this at the Children's Museum.
He asks to hold her all day long and when I run to go get something, like a diaper, he says "Mom I'll hold her while you get that." We are a few days... maybe months away from actually doing that, but every day he gets better at taking care of Ray and L. He definitely is first born.