Tuesday, July 12, 2011

16 Months

Ray had his 15 month check up, but at 16 months because Mama is running a little late. I can't believe how different him and Joey are. Joey was always measuring off the charts. Ray is in the 40% for weight weighing 27 lbs and 85% for heigth at 34 inches AND his head is only average size. Joey's head was always something crazy like 120%- ha!!

Ray is my carb man. He doesn't enjoy anything but carbs. I put a fruit or veggie in front of him at every meal and he picks it up and gets it really close to his mouth before attempting to feed me with it. Ray is still on 2 bottles a day, and it's totally my fault. Ray suffers from 2nd Child Syndrome and there isn't a whole lot of cuddling. He prefers to be independent when being laid down to bed and when he gets hurt he gets right back up. Giving him his bottle is the only way we are able to cuddle, so I'm hoping to keep it around the rest of the summer :)

Ray is a dancin' fool. If he hears the slightest tune you can find him dropping it like it's hot and slapping the floor. His words consist of "thank you," "please," "love you," "ball," and "one, two, three."

Ray has a few nicknames. He goes by "Ray Ray" or "Kamakazi" or "Danger Zone." There isn't any fear in this little man. You can find him jumping off the couch, sprinting into the pool, diving off of his recliner, sliding town the stairs, jumping off of the high swingsets or tackling anyone at any size.

As of last week, Ray has started fighting back when Joey starts something. It's AWESOME!!!! Ray usually takes a toy to Joey's face or yanks a huge portion of Joey's hair out. Joey's usually crying and Ray ends up all smiles.

Ray finally has gone to one nap a day. I usually get a break from 1:30 to 4:00. I ususally get a quick shower in, some emailing and dinner on the stove.

Ray Ray is still our little Ray of Sunshine but he is now turning into a little boy. This is one of my favorite stages of all-- right before they can talk :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summa at the New House

The neighborhood kids allllll come over for smores alllllll the time. We haven't even met most of their parents yet. The boys loooooove it though! We have a new swingset and the kiddos are in love. You should see some of these swingsets in our neighborhood- they are ridiculous!

How old does he look in this pic, really? At his 3 year check up he was 41 lbs and 41 inches. 100% in everything. He's in 5T and growing by the day. He has potty trained himself this week and looooves peeing outside, but what boy doesn't?

We play in water everyday, and my super safe 3 year old is turning into my little rebel (with his little brother).

This little man got another hair cut today and hated every second of it, but we got a super cool balloon afterwards and super cool Crocs.

It's never too early. Ray could shoot at this goal all day long. Such sweet little cheeks, aren't they? Can you say torso?