Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas in Rewind

The magic of Christmas is back in full swing over here. We usually rock out to Christmas songs in the morning. Some of our favorites are Justin Beiber's Drummer Boy, obviously Mariah Carey, Ray Charles Rudulph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and anything Wiggles.
Ray Ray has either entered into the Terrible Two Phase or he's cutting his last molars. He has been nuts!! Our little laid back baby has turned into a stubborn, high maintenance mess! However, he still is a joy and will probably take the "class clown" roll while Joey stays more introverted.

Joey isn't an introvert at home though. We enjoyed most of the common Christmas festivities-- cookie making, Christmas lights, Polar Express train ride, 7 Santa visits, snowman making, Live Nativity scene searching, Elf on the Shelf, wrapping presents, ornament making, Eiteljorg's Jingle Rails and reading every Christmas book we could get our hands on. We fell in love with Mother Mary, Father Joseph and Baby Jesus this year and insisted on telling everyone we met them at the Live Nativity Scene.

Joey continues to dance on tables while my back is turned. He claims he is Buddy the Elf from the movie, Elf. Awesome.

We made a ton of cookies, but only ate the icing.

We went to a million Christmas parties and sported Uncle Bo Bo's shirts that he wore as a little boy! Super comfy.

We went black and white on Christmas morning. I have a picture wall where all of my pics are black and white. It has been impossible for me to get to Sam's club to convert pics so I went ahead and went black and white on the Rebel.

After both kids refused to go to bed until 3 hours passed their bedtime, they woke at at 7am to a ginourmous train table Santa brought them. The plan was to put it in basement, but at 12:30am I gave up on trying to figure out how it'll fit downstairs and it is taking up my dining room (but only until I resell it back on Craiglists in a few years). The boys love it and it's big enough to have a few friends over and nobody fights over tracks or trains. How wonderful!

This was me attempting to get a cousin pic. Unsatisfactory.

We ate Santa's leftovers. Ray can sniff sugar a mile away.

We made sure Santa didn't leave any milk.

We (minus me) drank lots of wine with Aunt KT, Aunt Sherry and fam from the new decanter.

We drank our last bottle!! Woot woot!

We got lots of new clothes from Nannie and loved trying them all one with Sloanie!

We played Doctor with Sydney.

We played McDonalds with Sloanie and she was the mad customer that had to come back through the drive thru because her order was wrong. Wonder where she got that from.

We played kitchen.

And puppet show.

And basektball at the Matis indoor court.

And attempted a snowman, and bawled when we woke up the next day and he was melted.

Oh, and finally a picture. 30 weeks. BLUH!

Merry Christmas loves. I think this was my first year of being absolutely exhausted and drained after Christmas day. It's almost depressing when it ends. The entire month of December was a blast and there was so much to do. Now, it's January... bluh. There's a lot to do around here before the babe comes. I'll be sure to post pics of her room soon. Meanwhile, I'll continue to thank the Good Lord for a wonderful 2011. God is Good.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Easy Vacation?

Yes!! For the first time, our vacation was pretty easy! I felt we went to Florida at the most perfect time this year. 78 degrees and sunny every day- not a cloud in the sky! The kids couldn't wait to get out to the beach every morning and only got into one spout about who got to carry the big yellow shovel. We stayed at my parents' condo in Fort Myers and since they have 2 cars down there, we had a car of our own. With the beach, pool, car and crib rentals, we were right at home. I could have stayed the entire winter, but of course we needed to get back for Christmas.

The Fort Myers Dog Track

We all swam in the ocean together for the first time, and we saw a huge shark!

I can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Too busy and too tired.

We had our annual cooking making party with the kiddos last week.

Below is a pic of our Paci Patrol. I know, nice work with that pink paci Mom. Blame it on Big Joey-- he claimed that's all they had at the store. I think he secretly likes the boys to sport pink.

It's hard to believe the big kids are almost 4. I met Emmie and Sadie when they were both 11 weeks pregnant with them, and I don't think a day has gone by without talking to one of them. Amazing, amazing friends! And the best part about it is they both live a few football fields away.

The cookie party usually starts out how my kids like it- clean, orderly, and organized. That doesn't last long and then my kids watch and stare at the messy ones go at it. The boys stand out a little at these parties- they prefer me to wipe their hands instead of licking and prefer their pants not to get dirty. I think the Taylor OCD gene has officially been passed to them both.

This was just the beginning. It got nuts! Flour all over the beautiful microsuede sofa, in our hair, in our pants, on the cloth chairs and in the cracks of EVERYTHING!

Can't you tell Joey looks disturbed?

My kids prefer the white icing. The colors stain. Normal right? They each had one cookie. I think I had 7. Oh, and did I mention I just found out I failed my glucose test? Not smart, Mama! Luckily I think my OB has a soft spot in his heart for me and isn't making me go through anymore testing. After this party, I offically have to watch my sweets.

Baby Bar Bar looves this party.

Have you ever heard how when your kids are toward their 1/2 birthday they are angels and when they are closer their the whole birthday they are demons. Well, this is sooo true right now. Ray Ray has been a joke... until now. He is indecisive, won't eat, stubborn, and hitting. Where did my super laid back easy child go? However, I really shouldn't complain... this kid doesn't wake up in the night and usually sleeps a solid 12 hours in a pack n play without being rocked. Yes, I just said pack n play. We are in trouble. LJ is still loving his crib and we have a 3rd baby coming in March. Joey, on the other hand, has been an absolute angel. His manners are impeccable and his conversations could melt your heart. When leaving anywhere, he thanks people for having him and asks politely if he can come back soon. He is starting to really grasp the big brother role and protecting Ray Ray is his priority.

Joey's best friend is his cousin, Sloane. The problem is we only see her once a week and she lives about 40 minutes away. I don't think these 2 have ever fought and play together unbelievably well. They are the perfect combo and it breaks my heart they won't grow up closer.

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. We dream, breathe and sing Christmas all day every day. Joey knows most of the Christmas songs and we don't pass a manger without him screaming about how much he loves Baby Jesus! He asks me to sing him "heavenly peace" before bed and asks Big Joey to sing him "Feliz Lalida." We've seen Santa 6 times already and Christmas crafts are a daily occurence.

Joey has never done the "muscle man" face before this picture. Quite strange, but cute.

We went to Florida last week and the kids were amazing. We had a blast and I can't wait to post pics. Meanwhile, I have will be trying to get some rest. I am 28 weeks, exhausted and large. Baby girl seems to be doing well and moving all the time. We are almost done with her room and excited to see how the boys take to her.

Life is good. God is good. This has been an awesome year.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

No More Zofran

Finally at 25 weeks, I'm done with Zofran. I asked my husband to sum up this pregnancy in one word and he said "debilitating." It's been exhausting around here trying to get through every day; however, why is it that watching what some of my friends and family are going through make me count my blessings every day??

Over the last few weeks I've watched a few very close friends go through terrible things that no mother should ever have to go through. What has struck me the hardest is watching how God has shined through them through all of this. I think back to some of the hardest situations I was in as a mother, like when LJ was lifelined to Riley hospital, and I can't remember if I truly threw my hands up and gave it all to the Lord. I hope I did, but I just remembered feeling like I was living a nightmare. I do, however, remember feeling the power of prayer. I felt it twice, and WOW! While at Riley, I remember asking my friend, Emmalee, to get under my screenname on facebook and ask for people to pray and within minutes I felt it. This happened twice. this week as I exchange texts and convos with some of my friends who are experiencing such difficult situations I know by simply saying "I'll pray" means something. I admire these friends so much, and from them I have truly learned the concept of how God chooses our path.

Before Thanksgiving dinner, our family will hold hands and go around saying what we are thankful for this year. Every year I seem to have a more meaningful answer. In 2006, I was thankful for Greenwood Little League because it brought Joey and I together. This year I'm thankful I can honestly say I'm comfortable with God choosing my path. Being the control freak I am, this is hard to do. Bottom line is God is Good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Couldn't help it....

I had to post some of the family pics. It was such a fun day at my Mom's house. My Mom's Christmas present to herself is for everyone to get together for family pictures. The process though is extensive. We have been working on outfits for several months. We have been given pamphlets of instructions with what we should do if perhaps there is a rain out. We tried on outfits months in advance. And yes, we had a make up lady and puppets for the assistants to get the kids attention. I think it was a success and I love all of the effort my Mom goes to doing this for us. The pictures continue to be priceless. (The following pics are the ones I had the make up lady capture from my camera.)