Monday, March 24, 2008

So... I'm officially Catholic!


Saturday, March 22 I was confirmed as a member of the Catholic Church! It feels so good to know Joey and I will be on the same page to raise our little babe. We had a great time going through RCIA classes together every Tuesday since August- it honestly was such a fantastic bonding experience. My whole family and Joey's family came to St. Roch for the 2 hour plus Easter Vigil to watch me be confirmed. What a wonderful feeling to have so much support! We went to Shallo's afterward to celebrate. It's a night I'll never forget!

Little Joey's Room

We took a few pics of Little Joey's room. It was the workout room for a few months, and of course, the second we bought a treadmill and put up a mini flatscreen, we found out we're having a baby!! Timing is key, huh? Although, Little Joey is only -53 days old, I think he has the most craziest room and the biggest wardrobe a -53 day old could have. He's almost here- I can't believe it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shower Update

Taytum is pregnant too- due July 14th!

I think it'll fit!

Last Saturday my pledge sisters had the most amazing shower for me! It was a blast, and I think I laughed so hard I had 20 contractions that day!! They bought me the funniest onesies-"Daddy's Little Wingman" and "Automatic Sprinkler." Everything they bought Little Joey was simply wonderful! I made a day of it by staying from 1pm to 11pm, which doesn't happen very often. As 11pm rolled around and I was saying my good byes, I realized how much I missed "pre-gaming" with my girls. Although it's fun being pregnant, I'm about ready to hop back on the wagon- ha! I feel so blessed to have such geniune, life-long friends. They came from all over to celebrate with me. I truly feel so lucky. I can't wait for Little Joey to have 20 some Aunts!!

30 Week Check Up

Joey and I just got back from our 30 week check up appt. We are now going to see the Doctor every 2 weeks- wow, this came a lot quicker than I thought it would. We live about 45 minutes away from the Doctor's office (Clarian North), so it's usually an all day field trip when we go up there. We have our routine down though. I stop by McDonald's and get our usual, pick up Joey downtown at work, and then take Meridian all the way to 116th Street- takes about an hour, but it's fun!! The Doctor said my weight was on target (could have fooled me- I broke 160 lbs this week!!), I measured 30 weeks, my blood pressure was good, and the baby was head down. I thought I felt him turn this week. There were some serious punches in my ribs. Right as the Doctor was leaving the room, he told us to go to room 1 and he'd do our 3D ultrasound at no charge- lucky us!! This ultrasound was breathtaking. We were able to see Little Joey's face, heart, brain, kidneys and boyparts all in 3D! The face pic freaked me out a bit because it looks like he has a black eye, but the Doctor assured us this was normal and the picture is likely to have shadowing. Although it felt weird to finally see Joey's face, it was encouraging and I'm starting to finally feel his birth is right around the corner!