Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thanks for all of the advice!! I love it!! Now I just need to get over feeling sick all the time with this pregnancy- 13 weeks along!

Below are some adorable pics from the wedding. LJ is with my Uncle Gary and my cousin Bryson here. LJ's suit was a 3T!! ha!! We still couldn't get the top button buttoned- it was the relaxed fit!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


1. What do you do with stinky diapers?? We have a diaper genie in the garage that DOES NOT WORK!!!!

2. Any suggestions on storage when you're growing out of your house and need to make it last another 4 years????

3. LJ sleeps from 8pm-6:30am with a 2 hour nap during the day. I hear about all of these 1 year olds that sleep till 8am- how do we get there??

4. What do you do if you feel like every weekend you need a babysitter and your parents babysit during the week so you don't want to ask them again??

5. What do you do to wake you up in the morning? Is my coffee addiction really that bad??

6. What do you do with your toddler when you have to take a shower?

7. Is a Mom's Day Out program a good idea?

8. LJ won't sit in his high chair for longer than 3-5 minutes at home. What do you do?!!!

9. We have a "LJ eats after NOBODY" rule because he gets sick so easily. Am I being unreasonable?

I'm sure I'll have more questions, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


the future's best looking big brother-
who's standing on his own!!!!
Big Joey and I thought we'd give it a shot again.
We're due the first week of March, so yep, that makes us about 12 weeks along. It seems a bit much with all of LJ's health problems, but we're hoping this little one isn't quite as sick and it gives LJ a little friend to play with. Please keep us in your thoughts, as you may remember I had a really sick pregnancy the first time. We're so excited to share this news with you!!!

Have a great week!!!! Hurry up fall- I can't wait for the cool breeze!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the up and up!

It's my mom's 57th birthday today!!! Doesn't she look fab??? She has been a true backbone for my family. We are sooo soooo soooo very lucky to have her.
Mama- we're looking forward to the next 40 years with you and Dad!!! So happy we're all healthy (knock on wood!)!!!
LJ is making a quick recovery!!! We're still doing the nebulizer 3 times/day with the steroids and antibiotic, but he's happy and playing most of the day AND SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AGAIN!!! HOOORAY!! This pic was taken before he got sick. How stinkin' priceless!

Although a little sleepy in the eyes still, the outdoors and splashin' in the water make him the happiest!!! Thank you to Emmie, Sadie and Amy for our stand up water box- we loooove it!!

So bring it on!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you want to know what happens to little colds?

Around here they turn into big colds!!!

I'm going to try to make this short. I'm exhausted- absolutely exhausted. I had no idea my body could go on 3 nights of only 4 or so hours of sleep. Well, Tuesday night LJ had a bad night- he was up all night long screaming. I don't think he has woken up in the night since March. He was all snotty with a high fever. When he finally got up for good around 5am, he was breathing so hard his rib cage was caving in. His breaths were so short and loud. We knew he was getting really sick again. We had just been to the doctor Tuesday morning and he was getting that sick that fast. So we called up our Doc and he told us to come in right away and they would treat him with a nebulizer to try and open up his airways. A nurse met us over there before they opened, which was soooo nice. After the breathing treatment was over, the nurse and I decided it would be best if he went to the hospital. He didn't seem to be getting much better and he hadn't had a wet diaper for about 20 hours. My doctor prefers us go to St. Francis, so we thought we'd give the pediatric unit a shot. Since we have such a bad taste in our mouth about St. Francis hospital from our last experience, I just wanted to go straight to Riley. However, St. Francis is in our backyard and we were getting admitted straight on to the floor, so we went. Well after 3 hours and 4 needle sticks to start an IV, I stormed out with my mom and LJ- headed to Riley I thought. I talked to my Doc and he thought I should let the NICU try. We let them try and
wa-la! They did it. They did it just like Riley- they used a dark room with a light that helps find good veins. It was such a blessing. I was sobbing knowing that LJ was going to start getting fluids. After being there for a few hours and him still not progressing, we started breathing treatments regularly, suctioning, steroids, and an antibiotic. It was a pretty miserable day and night. The next morning he turned a small corner. He started to drink from his cup and he was quite a bit more perkier- clapping, waving, etc. We took him off fluids and continued breathing treatments till noon. The Doc rolled in and suggested we go home since little ones typically do better in their own environment and we're right around the corner. It was another long day, but we did have a better night. We are using the nebulizer at home with lots of suctioning still, but LJ seems to be improving more and more.

My diagnosis is that he'll probably be asthmatic and once he gets sick it typically turns into a respiratory problem. All we can do is pray, keep the nebulizer close by and stay away from sick people. Ah, the joys of parenting. Who knew it would be this hard sometimes?? Good night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying to keep you in the loop.

Well Sloanie is 1 1/2 now and is maturing like a wild woman!! She can say about anything (repeat anything too) and she's as friendly as ever. I think she is starting to get that she is going to get a little sister in a few weeks- YES, A FEW WEEKS!!!!! This is Little Joey's "unsure" look. He has this look quite a bit. He's always a bit skeptical of situations and has to thoroughly examine everything before getting too close. He had his 15 month visit today. He measured almost 32 inches, weighing 30 lbs and still has a head off the chart (although it hasn't grown since his 12 month visit). He's been pretty miserable these last few days. He has a bad cold and I think he's getting his 1 year molars in. Who knew teething for little babies was so hard?? He's sporting his Steak n Shake shirt from his Uncle Dog, Aunt Cathy and the boys. Oh how much we love Steak n Wait!

Grandma Matis' sister, Sherrie, came in town this weekend for her 50th. She lives in Portland with her husband, Brent, and their two girls. LJ took to her right away (which is uncommon for him) and even gave her a kiss good bye tonight when she left. We love you Sherrie!!

My brother, Beau, got married this past weekend!!!! Ok, ok, ok... I had 2 cameras the night of the wedding and the other camera with all of the pics of Bo and Jules on it is at my mom's house, but I do have my camera with this pic of part of the fam. Just wanted to to show you our cute dresses Jules picked out. The wedding was fabulous. The ceremony was outside at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (a bit toasty) and Charlie Cash married the cute couple. Bo and Jules looked stunning and reception (luckily indoors) was a hit!! I can't believe Bo is finally married. We're so happy it's to Jules!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh, oh, oh!!

The little boy, Carter (our blogging friend), who we've been praying for received a liver transplant this weekend- our prayers have been answered. It looks as if he's doing really well. If you get some time, send up a few prayers for him, and thanks again for keeping us in your prayers. Little Joey has been healty for about 3 weeks (knock on wood). It's been a wonderful 3 weeks.

This weekend and next.

Our Jules!!!!! Dr. Julia Sant will be getting married next weekend to my brother- crazy!! Man, has time flown by us. This is her at her bachelorette party in Chicago. We're all very excited to offically welcome Jules into the family.Last night we went to Emmalee Frey's wedding- it was absolutely perfect. So many of my sorority sisters were there, and it was the first night Joey and I spent both away from LJ. He stayed with Joey's parents and it went great. He slept well for them and was a happy camper when we picked him up. I need to set up some more dates like this. It was great to sleep in and to not sleep by a monitor- kinda weird too. Big Joey couldn't sleep in today. He woke up at 7:30, like he usually does, and couldn't get back to sleep- poor guy. This is pretty far away, but we'd really like to take a long weekend trip this fall or next spring away from LJ. I need to get the courage up, the money in the bank, and the planning started. It'll be good for us, right??
Mrs. Emmalee Hinton- doesn't she look great!

This is a pic of some of the Pi Phis at the wedding. Oh, it was sooooo sooo good to see everyone. I feel so blessed to still be such good friends with my college friends. I was only able to be at IU for 2 years since I transferred to Indy for dental hygiene. It was pretty hard keeping in touch with everyone, but we managed. I talk to most of them on a fairly regular basis, but it feels wonderful to see them and know nothing has changed. We still have the same laughs and nobody has changed- hehe!! Although our college 5 year won't be until 2011, a reunion is already in the works. We're thinking a formal on the Navy Pier or a weekend cabin trip to Gatlinburg. AHH- I can't wait. Now, I'm just hoping some of these girlies get married and have some babes so LJ and Ethan (Taytum's little guy) have someone to play with.

Ha!! This is what I woke up to the other morning. Joey teaching LJ how to shave- nice!!!! The shananigans that goes on when mom isn't around- priceless.

Anyone going to the State Fair this week?? Did you hear they have fried pizza??! We're hoping to head there. My work schedule is finally settling down, and I'll be working 2 days a week regularly. I'm getting nervous about the winter though because we love playing outside. I'm thinking we'll take some swim lessons at the YMCA- should be fun, should be fun!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lovin' the fam

Great Grandma Matis, Aunt Katie and LJAunt Katie

Uncle Mikey

You know what feeling I love? That feeling you get sometimes when you're driving down the road and you feel so happy because everything seems so great in your life. I get that feeling sometimes, and I love it! I feel so lucky to have such great family and friends. Love you all.