Saturday, October 30, 2010


Need I say more about how much this little, big guy has changed. Oh my, has he thinned out!

Can you believe these pictures?? Joey will be 2 1/2 next month and Sloanie will be 3 in January. These little boogers play sooo well together, and now that Sydney is walking and talking she has joined in the fun.

LJ talks about the football game all week long. We've been to all the Roncalli home games but one and that night we went to Greenwood's Homecoming (my alma mater). I thought LJ was going to be fascinated with the football players.... NOPE.... ALL ABOUT THE BAND!!!! He talks all week long about all the instruments, and his favorite is the french horn. You name it, he knows it. He has a little DVD about instruments and from that he knows the brass section, woodwind section, the harp, and I could go on for days. LJ also loves watching one of his babysitters, Laura, "do the cheers." We have a blast going and I'm really sad football is coming to an end.

We also went to IU Homecoming. My Uncle Joe (my boss) has an RV and it was such a luxury warming up, having a snack, and using the bathroom. We also used some of his tickets, but once again we HAD TO FIND THE BAND!!!!! We searched forever and found the pep band. We could have stayed all day, but unfortunately we had to go home for a nap.

Oh.... THE BAND!!!!!!!! I know, LJ looks terrified, but really he was in awwww.

Uncle Dogg, need I say more.

This is my cousin, Bryson, so that would make it LJ's 2nd cousin, once removed????? Bryson is sooo good with kids ( he has 3 younger bros and sis).

We have hit the high maintenance stage, where now that we can communicate we talk about all of our "wants" and "needs" all day long. It usually goes something like this, "Too bright. Turn windows off. My need sunglasses" -Joey

Or something like this, "My neeeeeed a cupcake." -Joey

Or "My need Yo Gabba Gabba real ones."-Joey
So we went to the Murat and watched Gabba Gabba. I wll say I got goosebumps when they came out. It was awwwesome seeing them in person. Joey loved it too!

We were supposed to be Brobee for Halloween. He's the little green guy. Joey is too scared of the outfit now, so I think we are going as a cowboy.

Before we hit the "I need to know every instrument" stage, we were in the "I need to know every truck stage." This nice man let Joey ride in his Catapillar.

Syd turned 1 in September. The time has gone fast. Beau and Joey were out of town, bummer.

That's it folks. I do appreciate you reading my blog and I love love love hearing from you. It gives me motivation to keep blogging.
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh happy day!!

30 years ago, one of the greatest people in the world was born. Somehow I found him, which makes me one of the luckiest people in the world. Thank the good Lord!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love!

Tomorrow my husband will be 30. We are having a surprise birthday weekend- everything he is doing is a surprise, and I CAN'T WAIT!!! My little guy really really really likes blowing out the candles.
"Watch Daddy, Joey blow it."- Joey
My husband loves October. Not only is his birthday, his sister's birthday, and his brother's birthday, but the baseball playoffs are on too!! It's officially his favorite month. I love October for those reasons and because it's Breast Cancer Awareness month.... tis the pink!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Family pictures.

We have family pictures November 7. I. can't. wait.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Our Little Ray of Sunshine

Ray was baptized today at St. Roch by Father Wilmoth. He's such a stinkin' trooper!

Godparents are my sister, Brooke, and brother-in-laws, Jason and Mike . We will be Grandfathering in Mike's wife.... ladies???

Oh, how we love you Father Wilmoth!

Daddy and LJ getting ready in their ties.

Whoa, we finally took a picture and everyone was looking. That rarely happens.

Big Joey turns 30 next week. Oh do we have surprises in store for him!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tip Top, It's October!

Tip top of the day to ya!!! It's been a while since Mom let me sign on the the blogger's world, so I thought I beg her to allow me to give you a shout out. Well, where shall I start?? Life around 8428 is moving fast. I'm gettin' big on ya too. I now can get through an entire pre-school class without my "up" (blanket) or my playfriend, Josh. Oh.... and I looooooove pre-school. I have made so many new friends... like Lilly and Bella and Ryan and Michael and Maddie and Miss Gray and Miss Schroeder. My verbal skills have picked up tremendously too! I am now speaking full sentences using "my" and "I" and I'm asking questions when I need to.... or when I just want to bug Mommy and wake up Ray Ray. Speaking about growin' up on ya.... I now use the big boy potty quite a bit. Mom and Dad really haven't been pushing it-- they say "no hurry"-- but I like to go on my own at night, and I almost have my sticker chart full, which means my piggy bank is getting bigger for Mommy and Daddy to take me somewhere super fun!!! Most importantly I have been an amazing big brother. I love taking Ray Ray around the city. On a regular basis we go to the park, taco shop, library, a walk around the block, our 85 year old friend, Nancy's, house, and the ZOO!!!!!!!!! DID I JUST SAY THE ZOO?!!!!!!

Here's a good story for ya. This morning Mommy was going to take Ray Ray and I to the Children's Museum for the very first time with our friend, Lilly, and her Mommy and little sister. We got all the way to the museum and there was a huge sign that said it was closed on Mondays- boooo!!!! So we went to the Zoo, which I'd like to add is my all time fave place. This picture above me is hilarious, isn't it? Every time I go to the Zoo these guys are laying around like a bump on the log. Poor little Rhinos- don't they know they should sleep at night?
This is my wonderful, awesome, super cool friend, Lilly!! She is one of the main reasons I'm able to get through pre-school. She brings me her blankie, helps me play with the other kids, and even consoles me when I miss Mommy. So, ya, she's pretty much the bomb.

Isn't this seal gorgeous? Can you believe this beautiful animal lives in Indiana? He was singing
the second we walked into the Zoo! Have I told you how much I love singing... and dancing too! I keep showing Mom my Cupcake tap dance, but she still doesn't give me cupcakes every time nor will she sign me up for tap class just yet.

I'm not quite sure what I should say about this picture, but these 3 little lemurs???? were just cuddling and loving on each other, kinda like Ray and Daddy and I do at night-- guys time!

Did I forget to mention Ray has a friend too?? She's Lilly's little sister, Violet. Isn't she sweet?? I know Ray looks a little distraught but he really does great in the stroller and I saw him and Vi exchanging smirks all morning long.... KIDS!

Lilly and I had a great time sharing our snacks too. I've really been struggling with this "sharing thing" Mommy and Miss Gray have been talking about. All the other little kids keep helping with the word "mine," but Mommy keeps telling me that isn't that nice of a word.

Just look at these pictures, and look at how much everyone is struggling with finding a resemblance between Ray and I. What do you think? Speaking of Ray... that little booger is getting up on all 4's, eating all kinds of baby food and just about sitting up all by hisself- such a champ!

See what I'm talking about.... resemblance?

But Ray is sure getting big, isn't he? At his 6 month check up, he was 19 lbs and 28 inches long. 50th in weight and 90th in height, which is nothing compared to my 120% in everything stats! HA!

Oh Daddy!!! Daddy has been working soooo hard!!!! He's been busy traveling the midwest and coming home with a full load of energy!!! I get so sad when he's not there after my naps, but we definitely make up for it on the weekends with catch, tackle and watching the baseball.
Welp, time for bed. Mom would be so mad if she knew how long I've been on here. I'll be sure to post Halloween pics. Mom and I have been going back and forth between Yo Gabba Gabba monster guy and Cowboy. We'll just have to see.
Chugga chugga,
PS Thomas and the Trains are my favorite currently. If you happen to have any sitting around the house, come on over and play on my tracks.