Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You think....

you are soooooo big, but why is it sooo hard to get you off of the BABY bottle??

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Move

So, I hear that mommy and daddy have been talking about "the move" lately. Just want to fill you in on "the move" from our perspective. Ready Ray Ray? Let's do it Joey!

So we were swinging on our swingset one day, me on the big boy swing and Ray Ray in the baby swing.

"Hey, I prefer the slightly less mature swing, Joey"

"Sorry Ray Ray....kids! Sheesh!"

Anyway, mom and dad were talking about building this dream house. Don't really know what that means, cuz I know I can't live in the homes that are in my dreams, but, whatever.

"I wanna cookie Joey. Can I have a cookie?"

"Ray, I'm tellin' a story. BE QUIET!"


Whatever, let's move on. They were thinking that they wanted to move before they could have enough money to buy that dream home thing, so daddy said, let's start looking. Pretty sure he said that this stuff takes a long time anyway, so they were gonna look around, get some ideas, see what's out there and then...BAM! It seemed that about 6 minutes later, they said, "we are moving to the new house Joey! Holy cow, that was quick!

I think I heard them say that Daddy saw the house on Sunday, Mommy saw it on Monday, made an offer Tuesday and it was a done deal on Wednesday.

"What Ray? What?"

"Did you tell them about daddy?"

"Not yet Ray Ray, hold your horses!"

"Tell them about daddy!!"

"I WILL!! Don't you have to go to bed or something?"

So what Ray Ray was leading to was sooo funny! You would think that daddy would be so happy to have the new house. I'm pretty sure he was, but once the accepted offer came in, he turned white as a ghost! He looked so scared. I thought I heard him tell mommy, " I cannot believe we bought a house without putting our house on the market yet! Two mortgages! Two property taxes! Two lawns to mow! What the heck is that?!?"

So the next two weeks, mommy and daddy were painting and cleaning and de-cluttering (which only meant getting rid of my and Ray Ray's toys, so that stunk!) But anyway, they finally said they were ready to put our house on the market.

Daddy looked like he was balding a little bit more than normal, cuz he said that houses typically don't sell for 4 to 6 months in this sh*^%y market.

"JOEY...I did NOT SAY THAT, I said shoddy!"

"Whatever dad!"

"Mommy, daddy said a bad word!"

"Ray, I did not, I said shoddy! How do you even know that sounds like a bad word?"

"I heard Uncle Mikey say it"


Pretty soon though, like 10 days later, dad told mom that we had an offer on our house, and it was pretty good! Dad had like 7 Miller High Lifes that night, I'll tell you! Two days later, we sold our house to a really nice family from out of town. Life is good.

So now, Ray Ray, Mommy, Daddy and me are living at our new house which is awesome!! We have a basement, a BIG back yard, a fire pit to make s'mores and lots of kids I get to play with. I am so happy to be at my new house. Oh yea, Ray Ray loves it too. He had to go to bed cuz it was way past his bed time. Oh no, its 9:15, its way past my bed time. Don't tell mom and dad I snuck out to write to you. Pleeeeease. I don't want to go to timeout! I'll be your best friend forever!

Til next time, drink one for me!
Lil Joey

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Baby Ray

Who does he look like, really?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Daddy Joey,

Thank you for making us happy. Thank you for being an amazing role model.

Thank you for goofing around with us and letting us act like crazy boys!

We love you and hope you had a special day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's time to catch you up on what else is going on this summer.....

Lots of weddings, time at the park,
sunshine with Nannie and Grandpa,

basketball with Dad at Hinkle Fieldhouse,

basketball camp,

hangin' with Baby Leo

Ray's first hair cut,

and soccer team.

Oh, Ray had no interest in getting his hair cut, so we haven't gone back and it's curling behind his ears. Awesome.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, we finally have internet. Who knew it would be so hard to live without internet?? I feel so bad for the lady that I made describe to me every swingset they had over the phone because I had NOTHING to access what they looked like and my 3 year old hasn't been sleeping because he misses his "uhder house" and "owd swingsec."

We said good bye and moved into our new home on May 27. We have so many amazing memories at this house. Joey bought it right out of college and lived there with a few guys for several years before I moved there. We lucked out big time when we decided to move and only had it on the market for 2 weeks. We close Friday. We feel so blessed how smooth this transition has been for us. This is how I feel. I am at peace. I have such a good feeling about where I am in my life and things couldn't be better (knock on wood).

The boys are adjusting. Ray hasn't missed a beat, but Joey on the other hand is having some trouble. He misses his toys that are still in boxes, he misses his old room and his swingset that the buyer included with the purchase of our house. I pray the transition continues to get easier.

We got to babysit Leo for the first time, and the boys adored him.

Leo adored the swing, however.

Two of the most amazing women in my life are Emmie and Sadie, who now live walking distance from me. They have helped me with EVERYTHING! There isn't more than 8 hours that go by without us chatting and we totally get each other, which is amazing to have in a friend. This was before Sadie's birthday May 28 (the day after we moved). There wasn't any way they were going to let me miss this, and I am so thankful for that.

We hosted our first bonfire 15 days after moving in to the new house. After several shots and most of us getting about 4-5 hours of sleep (since we all have kids 3 and under), I can say we had a very successful night.

We looooove birthdays! There isn't a candle Joey and Ray miss blowing. Thanks to my family and the Matis fam for making our move so easy and my birthday so special.

Life is good.