Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh, June

Hey ya'all!!

 Wish I had some time to blog, but unfortunately I don't. It's a good thing though. During this busy part of my life where I'm not writing anything down or blogging about anything, I will look back and know I was crazy busy and that's why. Thank goodness for this little girl, otherwise we may forget to pull the camera out once in a while.
 Happy Fourth!! It's been miserable hot. We typically spend our mornings trying to find a pool. I usually bring a fan for the babe and the boys are pretty independent when it comes to swimming. Joey prefers no floaties in the shallow end and Ray uses his puddle jumper and will do about anything in the water.
 We still contine to obsess over Louisa. She has spent so much time in her car seat being sheltered from toy trains being chucked across the room, we have forgot to practice rolling over. She is about 17 weeks and we almost have it down. Louisa has been pretty easy for the most part. She's been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks, takes acid reflux meds on a regular basis and gas drops with every bottle. She's pretty flexible and will take her morning nap in the car seat whereever we are and takes a huge afternoon nap with the boys.
 Joey will go to school 3 days a week starting first of August and Ray starts going one day a week. I may just have one morning a week with baby Louisa, and I CAN'T WAIT!
 Finally our summer will start to settle down. June has been awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I went out to Laguna Beach for my best friend, Tiffany's wedding. I forgot my camera out there, but if I come across some pics I'll be sure to post. It was on a beautiful rock ledge and the waves were minutes from sweeping us away. I went out there by myself, and it was fun to let go and have a timeline of my own. I missed the fam for sure though!
 Last week we got to celebrate Katie Matis and Liam Smith getting married!!!! It was aaah-mazing!
The ceremony was at St. Patricks and the reception was held at Lucas Oil Stadium. We had pictures on the field and danced the night away with Caesars. The boys were in the wedding and their white tuxedos couldn't have been any cuter! Joey was a champ getting down the aisle, but Ray needed a little shove from a few people in the pews. Thanks Carla and Gail!
 We are so very excited to have Liam part of the family. He is from Canada and it has been great getting to know his sisters and family. Katie and Liam just bought a place around 57th Street in Broad Ripple and it's going to be a blast setting that up with them. My boys couldn't love Liam (and Katie) anymore. Liam has spent hours and hours and hours with them and anyone who knew them would say Liam is on the top of their friends list.
 The new and improved Matis fam is above and Katie and her Goddaughter Louisa after the rehearsal is below. Unfortunately, Louisa didn't make it to the wedding. My Aunt Donna watched her the entire day and due to the heat and the anxiety I had of getting the boys down the aisle, it was best to leave baby girl at home. THANK YOU AUNT DONNA!!!
 The boys are getting huge! Some days they love each other and play incredibly together, and other days I split up about 50 fights. Usually it ends with Ray pouncing on Joey and Joey crying-- funny where they get their toughness and sensitivity from. At the end of the day I feel ok about this though because they stick up for each other big time if anyone is roughing them up at the park. I can't wait to show you pics of them from the wedding--- eeeehh, so cute!
 Oh, there they are. The cutest little couple eva!!!! Welcome welcome welcome Liam!! We love you!

 My pics are all out of order, but mid-June we took the boys to meet Thomas. What a super set up they had in Connersville, Indiana. We went on a train ride, played putt putt, jumped in a bounce house, rode more rides and ate for $15/person. It was the perfect age to see Thomas!
 Oh hey baby girl!! She doesn't seem to have much emotion in these pics, but if you say one word to this girl, she lights up!!! She's starting to chuckle and her rolls on her legs are getting bigger by the minute.
 Below is a pic of Katie Matis with her Man of Honor. Yes, ladies and gents, no maid of honor for her... but Willie Matis (cousin) was an amazing Man of Honor. Even though the entire church lost it when he held her flowers and fluffed her dress, he couldn't have had a better attitude and did an incredible job.
I think I'm going to try and do more frequent, shorter posts.... these posts may be less of an update and more about something funny that was said or done. When thinking back, these are the things I'd really like to remember.

I will leave you with something funny Little Joey said today.
 "Mom, it smells like I'm going to poop." -LJ, 4 years old.