Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

It was yesterday. I don't even know where to begin. It was awful- definitely top 10 for the worst days EVER!!!!

I'll give you a quick update first. For the last two weeks, LJ has been dealing with Thrush. Due to all of the antibiotics he's been on (IV, oral), he developed a yeast infection in his mouth. It has looked terribly painful- big white cottage cheese, patchy blisters, and cracked, bleeding, swollen lips. Well after experimenting with 2 anti-fungal meds and taking him to the pediatrician and oral surgeon, we thought we finally had a handle on things... until Monday night when he decided to stop eating and drinking. Every time I would try to give him his sippy cup, he threw his head back with huge alligator tears. He was miserable. I started getting worried because it seemed like the Thrush went away, but now there were these scrapes and vessicle like lesions that had developed on his tongue- big ouchy!!

OK, so now we're at Tuesday at 6:30am. Big Joey wakes up early on Tuesday so he can get on the road because he has meetings at Carmel (1 hour with traffic) by 7:30. LJ and I wake up at 7:15 am. Well I woke up to him being a big grouch. So, we do our routine where I change his diaper and clothes (while he's screaming versus stretching/yawning/cute baby faces), grab his sippy cup for him (which he wings across the room crying) and head to the garage to throw away his diaper. This is where I found MAGETS- like hundreds of magets crawling everywhere... up my door, on my car, up the trash can, trying to get in the house... EVERYWHERE!!!!! Oh my gosh- they are the most disgusting, disturbing white little worm I've ever seen. I just began screaming. What do I do??!!!! So, I throw LJ (who's also screaming) in the car, throw the trash cans outside and grab his diaper bag and my cell phone to put in the car. Then I went to town. I sprayed the indoor (kid/eco friendly) insect spray all over the place, but these terrors were getting faster. I then used Home Defense (faster), Raid (they're started to storm the house), and the outdoor bug killer that you have to mix together. NOTHING WORKED!!!!!!!

So I called my Aunt Cathy to ask for her advice. She said it was from my trash and to get that outside, then to spray everywhere and they'll eventually die. She seemed a little more calm than I was- ewww, they were so gross!! So off to Menards we went. I was in tears. My baby wasn't eating and I had magets in my freakin' garage. Well I got to Menards and begged for someone to help me find the most powerful spray (as I was crying). They told me to get Sevin. We pulled up to the check out and guess who forgot their purse- yep, this genius. I remembered I had an $8 rebate card in my car somewhere, so out we went to search for the card. God was definitely in my car looking for it before me because I think he strategically placed it in the first place I looked. Well, we got the spray and back to the house.... oh, I forgot we went to Starbucks for some coffee therapy (luckily I had my $2.63 in change). Cathy and the boys met us at the house to spray, sweep and shake out the rugs. We checked indoors and we were clear. Shew!!

I wasn't going to stay at our house though. It was was of the feelings where I just kept itching even though I knew there weren't any bugs on me--- ahhhh!!! GROSS!! We went over to Cathy's to enjoy some breakfast and the swings. Oh by the way, LJ is still refusing to eat.

I need to start shortening this story, so I'll try. We went home at 11am for LJ to take his nap. I called the Dr. 4 different times. 1. to explain symptoms 2. to ask for a prescription for his pain in his mouth 3. schedule an appt so he could see him visually 4. to request an order to be sent to the medical lab for blood work/mouth swab. There was noooo way I was going to let LJ get dehydrated again.

The doc called in a special script, which I call a potion, at 12. I called at 1pm- not ready. I called at 2-not ready. I went over there at 2:45- they said they were working on it in the back and had been for several hours. They then sternly said "We'll call you, Mrs. Matis. Please don't bug us anymore." I wanted to ask them if they wanted to watch LJ for the rest of the day then.

Well, we then went to the medical lab for lab work. Oh we got there at 3:00 and at 2:50, CVS called and the prescription was ready- of course!!!!! Now I'm all the way across town. We sit there at the med lab waiting. Our orders haven't been faxed over from the docs yet. So we wait and at 3:30 they are. Then the lady comes out and tells us how we need to wait on the expert who works on kids. Well "the expert" got there at 4:15 and still couldn't figure out how to draw blood on him. She recommended taking him to St. Francis- HAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAH!! RIIIIIGHTTTTTT! So we left with nothing done. Awesome.

We had an appt. with our ped at 5:15. He really wanted the lab results and all he could suggest was that the blisters on his tongue was a severe allergic reaction. WHAT!!! What have I been giving him to put this poor child in pain???!!

Well, we picked up the potion, used it and LJ finally took a hot dog and sippy cup. I took off for the northside hospital at 6pm to see my mom who had surgery on Monday and Big Joey put the Little Man to bed.

This morning we headed to Riley first thing and did the lab work in no time. At 2, we got word from the Doc and his blood work is perfectly normal. What a huge blessing/relief/miracle!!!! We are soooooo lucky. He did say his eosinophil count was really high, which is his allergy blood cells. So it's definitely an allergic reaction.

Now we are starting from square 1 and introducing one food at a time. Dear Lord, please help us get through this.

Thank you for listening to me to vent. I love you all and thanks for the prayers.

Who knew it'd be this hard?!!


Chris and Steff said...

Wow, that was an earful! Glad you found somewhere to vent. I hope LJ is doing better now. Just a little note, and i'm not trying to be bias, but i'm a pharmacist at Meijer and we can get a compound done in 30 minutes, not in hours! I'm assuming it was Mary's Magic? If so, it's SO easy to make and really shouldn't have taken that long. Not to mention they never should have told you to stop bugging them. Anyway, hope you had a better day today! ~Steffany

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

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Ryan and Amy said...

oh my gosh! i think my blood pressure was rising just reading that. i can't believe all that you've been through recently. a mom can deal with a lot of stuff, but when your baby is sick, the world is a scary place! praying that you quickly figure out his food allergy so that you can just enjoy the rest of your summer!

The Freij Family said...

Leah you are super mommy! I think God has given you so much strength and patience and you don't even realize how great you are to your husband and son. All those peeps you're dealing with must not ever have sick children or they wouldn't be so annoying :)!