Friday, May 24, 2013

What, he's 5?

Like that, he's 5. Like THAT, HE'S FIVE!!!!
It's so hard to believe!

We had a super cool Spiderman birthday party last week, and the REAL Spiderman came!!!

Joey's Godfather came too!

Uncle Dog made Joey his very own lemonade stand.
And we now have Spiderman on everything we own.

We took all of our allergy meds and took our first horse back riding lesson on his birthday.
I grew up riding horses near by and wished so badly my kids would too, but it's not looking good with these crazy allergies.

We have had a challenging month, but a special month. I did want to journal quickly about Joey's terrible anaphlactic reaction to Septra, a sulfa drug. OH EM GEE! Pcitures to follow. Uh, scary.

The kiddos are getting easier in some aspects, but a lot harder in others. Finding ways of entertaining them is getting more expensive and harder to do on days when I'm with them alone. School is out for the summer, and our neighborhood pool is open. That is probably where you will find us on a daily basis.

Lou is getting sassier and trying her best to fit in with the boys... sometimes.

Who does she look like?

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